30 September 2006

Number 9

This is supposed to entice you to eat Italian Food.

Number 8

This is a family of turtles enjoying the last of the summer sun.

29 September 2006

Number 7

This is an Owl carved into the Bethesda Terrace stairway in Central Park. It represents Night. This photo was taken during the day.

26 September 2006

Number 6

This is the Tribeca Bridge. It is a pedestrian bridge across West Street near Stuyvestant High.

25 September 2006

Number 5

This is The Hudson River at Harrison Street

24 September 2006

Number 4

This is a Red Door in Brooklyn. Red Doors are supposed to mean welcome.

23 September 2006

Number 3

This is Chiyonofuji's hand print. Chiyonofuji is a retired Yokozuna, one of the finest ever to participate in Sumo.

Number 2

This is a nice Bass Ale. I poured it on a hot night in August into a frozen glass.

Number 1

This is the number 1 train at 120th street. I take the Number 1 everyday.