18 June 2010

03 March 2009

Number 33

This was the last bit of Shea Stadium to be torn down

31 August 2008

Number 32

Thank You For Riding The MTA

11 December 2007

Number 31

後で居酒屋 After IzakayaThis is a night of too much sake in Tokyo

07 October 2007

Number 30

This is the entrance to a restaurant in Soho

04 October 2007

03 October 2007

Number 29

This is the sum of the Mets 2007 season.

18 September 2007

Number 28

This is what remains of the Polo Grounds

10 August 2007

Number 27

This is the Little Red Lighthouse and The Gret Grey Bridge

01 April 2007

Number 26

This is one block south of the courthouse in Des Moines Iowa.

04 March 2007

Number 25

This is someone walking alone in front of the New York Public Library.

28 February 2007

Number 24

This is a pile of rusting stage weights outside the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.

09 February 2007

Number 23

This is the Flatiron Building and some whispy clouds.

13 January 2007

Number 22

This is a peaceful day in Central Park

02 January 2007

Number 21

This is Times Square at 1am on January first.

Number 20

This is what we had on Christmas: Cornish hens stuffed with herbs and lemon.

27 December 2006

Number 19

This is the Lincoln Centre Christmas tree in the rain.

06 December 2006

Number 18

This is a hot day on Bleecker Street.

15 November 2006

Number 17

This is a poster on a tree in Montréal asking if you've seen the cat that is sitting a few metres away.

14 November 2006

Number 16

This is David in Bronze in a parking lot outside of Florence

09 November 2006

Number 15

This is a sunset in Emilia-Romagna as seen from a speeding train on its way to Zurich.

20 October 2006

Number 14

This is a statue of Romeo and Juliet outside of the Globe Theatre in Central Park. How naive of us all to believe their love is one of hope for the world.

15 October 2006

Number 13

This building on Canal Street is being destructed.

Number 12

This is Pedro Martinez playing catch. If he hadn't hurt his right leg/ left leg/ right shoulder the Mets might be in better shape after three games in the NLCS.

10 October 2006

Number 11

This is CBGB's front door on the Bowery. It was fun while it lasted.

07 October 2006

Number 10

This is Staple Street in Tribeca. The alley is dark and the lights in the doorways are always on.

30 September 2006

Number 9

This is supposed to entice you to eat Italian Food.

Number 8

This is a family of turtles enjoying the last of the summer sun.

29 September 2006

Number 7

This is an Owl carved into the Bethesda Terrace stairway in Central Park. It represents Night. This photo was taken during the day.

26 September 2006

Number 6

This is the Tribeca Bridge. It is a pedestrian bridge across West Street near Stuyvestant High.

25 September 2006

Number 5

This is The Hudson River at Harrison Street

24 September 2006

Number 4

This is a Red Door in Brooklyn. Red Doors are supposed to mean welcome.

23 September 2006

Number 3

This is Chiyonofuji's hand print. Chiyonofuji is a retired Yokozuna, one of the finest ever to participate in Sumo.

Number 2

This is a nice Bass Ale. I poured it on a hot night in August into a frozen glass.

Number 1

This is the number 1 train at 120th street. I take the Number 1 everyday.